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I would advise you not to. If the golf ball has been used you don’t know what’s on it, you do not want to introduce anything undesirable to you tank. Also, when a betta is pushing a ping pong ball it is likely that it is trying to remove it from its territory, I don’t think fish really ‘play’ with one. Bettas are extremely interested in their environment however, so lots of plants and decorations for it to explore will keep yours occupied.

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The majority, if not ALL ping pong balls are dangerous. They are a sports item and high quality balls are made of CELLULOID which is flammable, fragile, and toxic/poisonous! If you are looking for a toy for your betta; grab all your soda/water bottle lids and check for labels, if you see a triangle CHECK THE NUMBER and if it is HDPE/#2 or PP/#5 those are food grade, meaning they are safe for aquariums.

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Of course, betta fish play with common toys such as ping pong balls, floating log, and laser pointers. In fact, play toys are the best way to connect to your Betta. Moreover, Bettas requires a large amount of mental stimulation, thus, they would appreciate any extra attention given to them. Although, as a resourceful fish, your Betta can normally find ways to play on their own.

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I've added a ping pong ball to the tank for each of my bettas. Francis was indifferent and Tom Selleck chased it for a bit but it now floats forgotten by the heater (which now that I type that out, may not be the safest?). I would recommend not being lazy (like me) and leaving it in there but add it for a little while and then take it out.

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Hi, I recently got a ping pong ball for my betta fish to play with but he's not really interested in it. I don't know if he just doesn't know that he can move it, I've tried moving it around the tank a bit to see if he will touch it but he treats it like another stationary object.

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Continuing our list with things you probably already have at home, you can also play ball with your betta! Put a (clean) ping pong ball into the tank, letting it float on the surface of the water. The betta will then follow the ball around as it moves on the water, and he might even start hitting it with his nose to make it move himself.

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Ping pong balls are a decent alternative to professionally made betta toys. Betta fish will love bumping into the ball, pushing it around, and even trying to make it pop out of the water. Ping Pong balls are actually a great toy that will provide your fish with endless hours of fun.

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**DISCLAIMER** This is an OLD video, I do not remember what supplies were in this tank, nor any smaller details about this setup or betta. I've owned 7 Betta...