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Pokerstars | Playing with friends or family

Playing with friends or family. We're happy to let friends and relatives play at the same tables as each other. Here's a reminder of our rules: You can't share your account with anyone else. Using multiple accounts is also forbidden. You're expected to play just as competitively against your friends as you would against any other player, and you can't share any information about your game or make any secret agreements.

How to start playing online poker with friends - Pokerstars Blog

How to start playing online poker with friends 1. Getting an account PokerStars works as a “standalone” client. That means rather than viewing it through a web... 2. Learning poker rules and strategy If you or any of your friends are brand new to poker, PokerStars has plenty of ways... 3. Starting ...

Poker Home Games - Private Poker Clubs - PokerStars

1) In the main lobby, select the ‘More’ menu then ‘Home Games’. If you’ve been invited to join a club, click ‘Join a Poker Club’; to start a new club, click ‘Create a Poker Club’. 2) Give your new club a name and invitation code (make sure not to include your personal password!).

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What games can you play on PokerStars with friends? On the PokerStars Home Games app you ...

Pokerstars | Create or join a Home Games Club (desktop software)

How to join a Home Games Club. Joining a friend’s private Poker Club is just as easy: Select 'Home Games' → 'Join a Poker Club'. Enter the Club ID and Invitation Code along with your name or comment. Your name or comments will only be seen by the Club Manager to approve your application. Agree to the Home Games Terms & Conditions. Select 'Join Club'.

How to play online poker safely and securely with your friends

Using the PokerStars Home Gamesfunctionality included in the software, you can create a club and invite your friends. Then you can make your own cash games and tournaments with play chip buyins, which the members of your club can join. Creating a Table in PokerStars Home Game Club.

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PLAYING poker with your friends is a great way to get one over them. If you can't all gather around somebody's house, PokerStars have made it easy for you to all connect online. 1 GET £20 FREE PLAY. Find out how PokerStars Home Games lets you start your own private Poker Club and play against friends whenever you want.

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Didn’t play the game for about a year and got back into it recently. When I played heaps previously I never had lag issues, now when I log into the game and try spinning at the fountain. It’s ridiculously laggy. When I get into a table there is zero lag.. fiddled around with all graphics settings.