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Grip size is important part because if your grip is too big you are unable to get your hand round ...

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What does l1 l2 l3 mean on a tennis racquet? Sometimes when you go onto different vendor websites, depending on if they are European or not, they will have something different for grip sizes like L1, L2, L3. No need to be surprised, they are very easy to figure out. As L1 is 4 ⅛, L2 is 4 ¼, and so on.

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L1. L2. L3. L4. L5. In general ladies should choose grip sizes L1 + L2. Men should pick, grip sizes L2 or L3 with a maximum of L4 for those of you with extra large hands! My personal preference is L2 with an overgrip. It’s always best to go for a smaller grip size, and then use an overgrip, as these are easy to replace.

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Determine tennis racket grip size with our Tennis Racket Grip Size Chart. ... L1: ...

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The grip size is the circumference of the handle of the racket, and the size you need will therefore depend on the size of your hand. While the grip size is measured in inches, they are often converted into numbers ranging from Grip Size 0 to 5, or L0 to L5.

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The number next to the ‘L’ in the grip sizes represents the number of eighths of an inch by which the circumference of the grip exceeds 4 inches. Thus, L1 is equivalent to 4 1/8 inches, while L5 represents 4 5/8 inches. The most common grip sizes are L2, L3, and L4.

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The larger the number (L5) the larger the handle on the racket. The smaller the number, of course, the smaller the handle. In general, we recommend ladies should choose grip sizes between L1 and L2. Men should look at L2 and L3 with a maximum of L4. We suggest always going for a smaller grip size.

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This type of racket will normally have an average sized head size – around 95 to 102in², and are described as ‘midplus’. Length – The length of the racket is 27 inches. Balance – These rackets are balanced anywhere from slightly head-light to slightly head-heavy.