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Setting Goals With Your Volleyball Team - Get The Pancake

Personal goals should relate to the team goals that you have set. If a player's goal is to get 20 kills in a match, but the team's goal is to play more as a team, either one or both goals will likely not be achieved. Example goals could be to vary hitting attacks, by hitting to line every once in a while if a player usually only hits cross.

COACH: How To Set Goals With Your Volleyball Team

Volleyball Goal Setting. Each new season has a tendency to sneak up on us. While we’re worried about running tryouts, getting practices started, and preparing for our first few matches and tournaments, we tend to forget about something… Goal setting. This is a huge mistake.

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1. You should set goals in all your phases of life – family, spiritual, educational, career, finances, health, social, and athletic. We will focus on your volleyball goals. 2. It first starts with a DREAM - - the dream of what you can accomplish in volleyball.

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Goals: Succeeding and seeing results should be a lot easier if you know what YOU want. If you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re getting better, then you will want to do it more. The goals become even bigger and better. Objectives: These are the “little things” that constantly focus your attention on the information that will make a difference. The benefits of attaining your objectives daily create a remarkable determination to reach your goals.

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Lastly, athletes should reflect upon their physicality such as strength, agility, and flexibility. When self-assessing, players must be honest with themselves in order to set realistic goals. Process goals: Once athletes have rated themselves and analyzed the different aspects of their game, they can pick skills to work on for the upcoming season. Athletes should pick a specific goal for each area (physical, skill, mental) and each goal should be time bound, measurable, realistic, specific ...

Volleyball Setter Position: What Makes A Good Setter And Team ...

The volleyball setter position requires the setter to run the offense by deciding the volleyball plays her offense will run. (Ralph Arvesen) The volleyball setter runs the offense by telling her hitters what plays they will run after the opposing team serves the ball. The setter volleyball position is one of leadership and responsibility.

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The goal with setter training is for your setter to advance to a “higher level” as quickly as possible. The more effective and efficient the training, the faster the setter will progress. From observing high level volleyball, you will notice the best setters have things in common when it comes to the technique and footwork .

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Volleyball Offensive Plays: A setter can "run a play" with a series of slow or fast sets. Fast sets are lower to the net, slow sets are higher sets pushed 8 - 10 feet well above the top of the net. This has been an important message by your favorite volleyball coach! That's me!!